VHILS | Dissecting the City | MARK magazine#52

Throughout the past decade, Portuguese artist VHILS – born Alexandre Farto [Lisbon, 1987] – has been making a name for himself by taking apart and reassembling found objects. He uses a multitude of materials and formats to voice his stance on the city, which he bases on his experience of living and working in Shanghai 上海, Moscow, New York, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Paris. VHILS now condenses his findings in his home town Lisbon, drawing from his work to produce a collective memory of the city. MovingCities published, in the October-November 2014 issue of Mark magazine #52, an interview with Portuguese street artist: read VHILS | Dissecting the City.

‘Adaptation’ | La Biennale di Venezia – Architecture 2014 Collateral Event

ADAPTATION 应变 – architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 // La Biennale di Venezia – Architecture 2014 Collateral Event // Curators 策展人: Marino Folin 马里诺·福林 & MovingCities [Bert de Muynck 伯德孟 & Mónica Carriço 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏] Architecture/exhibition design 建筑/空间设计: O OFFICE 源计划 工作室 Organizer 主办单位: EMGdotART Foundation 雅伦格文化艺术基金会 Supporter 协办单位: EMG 雅伦格
Address 地址: Palazzo Zen 禅寓, Cannaregio 4924 Venice, Italy 意大利威尼斯

Neri & Hu Interview | FRAME #97

FRAME#97 | Neri & Hu | Interview by MovingCities

MovingCities published, in the March-April 2014 issue of FRAME magazine #97, an interview with Lyndon Neri 郭锡恩 & Rosanna Hu 胡如珊 [NHDRO] looking back at their triumphant first decade in Shanghai 上海 while discussing project such as Design Republic Design Commune (Shanghai, 2012), Le Meridien HOtel (Zhengzhou, 2013) and FARINE (Shanghai, 2013). During the past decade, the couple’s venture into a range of creative disciplines has yielded an acclaimed diversity of furniture, interior design and architecture projects. Currently, they are exploring metropolises further afield, such as London, New York City, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.