In 2004 I was embedded architect for the Archis RSVP Events. An embedded journalist is a news reporter who is attached to a military unit involved in an armed conflict. While the term could be applied to many historical interactions between journalists and military personnel, it first came to be used in the media coverage of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In some ways the Archis-team have been invading spaces of conflict, being an embedded architect in 2004 meant that my job was to report the architectural and urban conflicts that hitherto are happening in today’s world, interacting between architects and cities.


Archis RSVP Events are tactical interventions done all over the world. RSVP events address public space by means of pro-active critical experimentation and improvisation. A series of actions that will be organized all over the world this year by Archis in collaboration with AMO. The form of each event is determined by the size of the response. Respond to the content and your response helps us determine the actual form of the event – anything from mass demonstration to free-running, from cruise to performance or from mega event to flash mob. The Archis RSVP Events organization is a small flexible body that tries to create new spirit in debate and new networks connecting people who question the world’s war on space and time.

RSVP Events 2004

RSVP #03: European Identities (Brussels, BE – March) RSVP #04: Shrink (New York, US – May) RSVP #05: Perversion (Athens, GR | Istanbul, TR – July) RSVP #06: Paranoia (Amman, JO | Ramallah, PA – October) RSVP #07: Going East (From Vilnius, EE | To Moscow, RU – November) Moscow | Russia, 2004

Publications by BdM in Archis magazine:

’03 #01 Intrigues in Brussels – The future history of the European Quarter ’03 #04 Brussels Fascinations – Rem Koolhaas and the European Conviviality Revolution ’04 #05 The end of the skyscraper as we know it: from CCG to CCTV (back to Bert de Muynck writings) (back to MovingCities embedded)