Writings on Architecture

Anything That Is Good Is Called Lekker

Lekker Design | Mark Magazine#17, 2008

Operating from within an architectural culture that asks them to be super avant-garde, Lekker Design have set themselves a major task for the future, one which aspires ‘to resist developing a set of tricks really quickly. We want to get to a point where we feel our architecture grows organically from our concerns.‘

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EWHA Campus Complex

Icon Magazine | Ewha Campus Complex, Seoul | Icon Magazine #062, 2008

Despite Perrault’s insistence on creating a perfect balance between landscape and architecture, there is one important aspect of this “hillding” that fails to weave these aspects together. In spite of the light streaming into the underground space, with no entrances to the building on the roofscape – except for the elevator – there is little correspondence between exterior and interior. The slanted roof and the warped mirror effect of the steel fins distort the interior perspective, limiting the visual link with the landscape. And the remarkable spatial quality of the void can only really be experienced from the outside.

The Terrifying Century of Beautiful Urbanism

Monu #06 (pdf) | 2007

In architecture beauty is a taboo; it is a perverted, sentimental, awkward and outdated way of dealing with architecture or the city. It is an unspoken convention that projects should be economic and functional; they don’t aspire to be ethical, beautiful or permanent, but are a commercial exploit or a mere expedient. They have no higher ideal of unity than commercial success; beauty is the byproduct, an accidental accumulation of an accidental encounter between form and content.

Ephemera and Experience

Tresholds #31 | 2006
This text is a personal reflection on Capturing the Moving Mind, an Ephemera conference on the Trans-Siberian train (Moscow – Novosibirsk – Beijing, September 2005)

Friday morning, or is it Friday noon? Just a short walk through the corridors is enough to experience the confusion about the time zone we are living. Are we in Moscow-time or Novo-time? Nobody really knows and the structure to put everybody into the same schedule is lacking. It is 1:19 PM Novo-time, 10:19 AM Moscow-time. Some participants just woke up, others are already cruising the cabins since the early morning. Seems like roaming the different rhythms become part of this journey. All effects of the traveler’s insomnia, a no sleep ‘til Beijing attitude.

The Art of Adult Architecture or The Politics of Pornographic Planning

Cut-Up | 24 September, 2005

This essay – a montage of analyses, opinions, voices and ideas centred around the topics of architecture, ideology, pornography and the network culture (the natural versus the electronic) – explores the possibility of resurrecting the concept of Progressive Political Pornography, this time as the Politics of Pornographic Planning, not as an act of retro-active necrophilia, but as a manifest discontent with the way the legacy of the hard-core second generation of modernists (the ones shaping our world after the Second World War) is treated.

Casa da Musica, Porto

Archined | 29 April, 2003

And it is partly the result of the building’s form, which looks like the remains of a hasty meteorite attack on Porto. Nonetheless, the carcass of the Casa da Musica is impressive for the tension it reveals between its monumental spatial character and subtle simplicity, both of which are the result of a carefully composed structure. It is a typically inimitable Koolhaas design, a carefully manipulated programmatic and spatial delirium within a solid form.