Bert de Muynck | MovingCities was invited by the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) to be part of the jury for the IAI Awards 2008. In between visiting the entries for this years’ architecture awards, two lectures were given and an initial urban research set-up.

Jakarta | October 14, 2008

Jakarta Analysis

Jakarta is said to be the world’s tenth largest urban agglomeration. With a growth of population from 4,8 million in 1975, to 11 million in 2000 and 17,5 million projected in 2015 (UN World Urbanization Prospects), Jakarta’s urbanization has been rather peculiar. After a first two week urban scan and observations, it seems that Jakarta has given birth to an unlimited amount of cities throughout the past decades. At this moment it would be too easy to describe Jakarta as a place where architectural adjacencies are the norm, a city of collisions and clashes, resulting in an obvious state of chaos. Jakarta shouldn’t be analyzed as a city, because it isn’t. It might have the pretense of being one but it isn’t.

Strolling around on its rooftops, through its hotel-rooms, little alleys, corridors and shopping-malls one can only feel happy to experience the intertwining of the present and future Jakarta, a future that, so I imagine, through a constant process of adaptation, change and mutation embodies in a ridiculously honest way the mature megalopolis. It has laid the foundation for its future during the past decades and shows, architecturally, few sign of the stylistic growing pains that normally go along with change and development.

View from the Four Seasons | Jakarta, October 4, 2008

Jakarta is a jungle of planning juxtapositions, an urban condition located in the urban researcher’s blind spot. A place outside the rigid realm of planning giving way to a mash-up metropolis of architectural styles, a collection of attempts to implement a diversity of urban policies.

In the past weeks I have tried to get a grip on this city, something which resulted in an intriguing discovery of a, to me, previously unknown metropolis. Seeing Jakarta from its rooftops, endlessness was the word that haunted me during my journey. Scanning the city from the ground, diversity and temporality was all I could experience.

Blok M | Jakarta, October 5, 2008

Jakarta Urban Snapshots

View from Trisakti University | Jakarta, October 14, 2008

Jakarta Jury & Lectures

The first lecture (October 8, 2008) took place at Gedung Dua8, a cultural and community center in Kemang, South Jakarta. Based on the lecture’s title, ‘Get Lost in Ordos’, it was not unsurprising that the evening was centered around the experience of 3 architects involved in the ‘ORDOS100’-project. The second lecture (October 14, 2008) was held at the Faculty of Engineering and Planning of Jakarta’s Trisakti University. Both lectures has been organized by Danny Wicaksono, editor-in-chief of JongARSITEK!.

Get Lost in Ordos | Adi Purnomo, mamostudio | October 8, 2008

Jury of the Indonesian Architecture Awards | Jakarta | October 11, 2008

Every three years, the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) gives its Architecture Awards to best projects build in the past years. The head of this years’ committee was Andra Matin (Wallpaper published his work in their Architects Directory 2007) and consisted out of Bert de Muynck, Budi Lim, Eko Prawoto, Sonny Sutanto and Dr. Johannes Widodo.

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