Amsterdam snapshots | part I

Amsterdam snapshots | April 9, 2009

On Thursday April 9 MovingCities arrived for a short stay in Amsterdam. The first day mainly consisted of crisscrossing the city center, avoiding the rain, tourists and creative commercialization of the inner city.

Alternative Multifunctional Underground Space Amsterdam | Zwarts & Jansma | 2008

A little more than a year ago an ambitious plan was launched to realize roads and carparks under Amsterdams historic city centre, which caused a little stir and controversy. At the time MovingCities went interviewing professor Moshe Zwarts from Zwarts & Jansma Architects about his proposals for an underground city in Amsterdam, a plan floating in-between futurism and necessity, the challenges involved in construction and culture, the state of the city, Amsterdam’s ambition to make it to the UNESCO World Heritage List and the possible future of the plan:

MZ: The objective was to find a solution for the ground level of Amsterdam. Today it is almost impossible to walk there as the canals are full of cars. The question that is how to bring all these cars to another level? Strukton calculated that an underground solution would be economically viable when you build about six layers under the city. The argument for this is technical and economical as you need to make walls that are at least 30 meters deep. Going six layers underground means you can create a lot of space, about 6 million square meters. It would not be a good idea to use this space only for cars and parking.

From the “City under the City”-interview with professor Moshe Zwarts (March 2008). For now, a couple of snapshots of Amsterdam.

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