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Amsterdam West | February 19, 2010

Snapshots of the last day in Amsterdam shows the area around the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital in the West of the city. Here, locked in-between the highway and the railway, hospitals are mixed with high-rise, construction sites with transportation networks. Territorial transformation, for the trendy and sporty, is at hand.

At least that is what one has to believe while strolling around in the area and seeing the above billboard stating “Wonen op de Stip” [Living on the Point] and “beetje sportief, beetje trendy” [a bit sporty, a bit trendy] under it. Upon checking the website [Dutch only], one understands how potential buyers need to be appealed through mobility:

Residents of the Stip are not sitting still (that’s what we expect). Mobility is therefore perfectly arranged. There are two bridges over the canal Erasmus. Soon you can ride your bike through the reopened bicycle tunnel under the A10 or go by public transport to the center. Within 15 minutes you are on the Dam Square. You park in the garage in the courtyard, so you come home dry and never have to search for a parking spot.

Speed and transport of the future urban residents are of importance. Movement for those subject to a sequence of urban impressions – by bike, car, foot, train and tram – before arriving in their cocoon. As such the development aspires not to the allure of the static suburban life, but of the dynamic outdoor life:

The good thing about the neighborhood is that you feel like you live somewhere outdoors. There is water (the Erasmusgracht), space, light and greenery. There are sports facilities which moves the area. The atmosphere of Spartan Avenue is not sleepy and dusty, but always fresh and active.

A couple of snapshots of the area around the Stip; a bit of fullness, a bit of emptiness.

Amsterdam West | February 19, 2010

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