City Move Interdesign Workshop | part I

City-Move Workshop | visit to the open mine

On Monday March 23, the City Move Interdesign workshop was launched. On our first day we were informed about the workshop assignment and undertook our first fieldtrip. Destination was the city of Malmberget and the mines that are hollowing out the grounds underneath its territory.

Malmberget is a city that is located approximately 100 kilometers above the arctic circle, in the North of Sweden. During the last decades the territory is in a fierce deadlock, the result of different interests between the stakeholders (local municipality, the mining company and the Swedish government) that is forcing the local population in a state of insecurity which could easily summed up as the “should I stay or should I go?”-dilemma. Here, during the coming two weeks, the City Move Interdesign is taking place.

For now, a couple of snapshots of the first day which included a drive around Malmberget (advertising itself as the Mining Capital of Europe), a visit to the underground (the mine), another visit to the open pit mine (which is spread out on an area of about 28 km2) and a synopsis of the workshop assignment:

The town of Malmberget is a part of the Gällivare municipality and for nearly 40 years it has been involved in a drawn out and, at times, painful moving process as a result of the expansion of the mining industry. The current community is suffering as empty buildings and the gradual deterioration into a slum has negatively affected the quality of life.

increasingly residents of Malmberget are forced to move from their apartments and homes to other areas. It is difficult to say how long this process will continue. It is clear, however, that increasing numbers of residents will be affected in the coming years. Since the 1970s, the population has fallen by more than half and today Malmberget has about 600 residents.

City-Move Workshop | Malmberget

City-Move Workshop | visit to the underground mine

City-Move Workshop | visit to the open mine

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