City Move InterDesign Workshop | part II

The Pit | Malmberget

There is a hole in the city of Malmberget. Since a couple of decades the underground mining activity created an expanding crater in the heart of this small city. Due to its growth, some drastic measures have been taken in the past; the population that once lived around the pit had to be moved, but not only people moved, but also their houses. Snail-wise (both in speed of relocation, decision making as in the form houses being moved by trucks) this process has hollowed the sense of community in this once pioneering mining city.

Moving Houses | Malmberget

After spending the first day of the City Move Interdesign workshop in and around the mines, the second consisted of a collective introduction in which the participants were free to voice their interest in the project. After this the 40 participants were divided in 6 different groups and started defining their approach.

MovingCities was divided over two groups. The Green Group (which included Bert de Muynck) decided to spend their first day on location and conducted some field research in the area South of the Pit; interviewing the local residents who are facing relocation on a short term. The Dark Blue Group (which included Mónica Carriço) decided to stay inside, define their interests and went on the third day on a field to the neighboring city of Gällivare. A couple of snapshots.

City Move Workshop | Introduction

City Move Workshop | The Green Group Malmberget Fieldtrip

City Move Workshop | The Dark Blue Group Gällivare Fieldtrip

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