City Move Interdesign Workshop | part IV

The Sports Arena | Malmberget

The second week of the City Move Interdesign Workshop¬†mainly consisted of fine-tuning and structuring the concepts around which each group were working. After a week in which some groups tried to find a common ground (which not seldom led to meta-discursive situations in which the prime question was “how to talk about what we want to talk about”), there were short presentations, visits from the local community, interviews for local newspapers and productive pop-up performance in front of the camera. At times the sports arena in Malmberget (where the City Move Interdesign workshop took place) had the feeling of a laboratory, a prison, a showroom and television studio.

At the same time there was still a lot of room for experiments, finding new methods of working that aspired to transcend the demanding democratic nature of creative collaboration and short scans of the city of Malmberget, the Ground Zero of the City Move Interdesign Workshop. Our love for heights, our desire to hover above the horizon brought us to the roof of Malmbergets finest almost-modernistic housing slab.

City Move Workshop | participants & setting

City Move Workshop | Malmberget from above

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  1. Seems a great experience to think about: Interchange, Workshop, Ice, desert, resources, climate change, population “growth”, migration, city, village, town, community, globalization, interdependence, evolution, recycling; words that lead to ideas that may bring a different understanding of the challenges of Architecture in the present. Would be great to see the documents of the workshop.

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