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MovingCities is invited by the City/State Unit [], an independent research and design unit operating within the Architecture Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design [in Jerusalem] to give a workshop entitled ‘What can we learn from China‘. The workshop will take place in Jeruzalem, from February 20 till 28, 2008.

View from railroad | Beijing-Harbin, 2006

What can be learned from China?

During the past decades China became the main attraction for architects and urban planners. As if in fast forward, and seemingly out-of-the-blue, urban environments are planned and build, all depending and feeding extensive cash flows and population migrations. But beyond the analysis of “unprecedented development of the Chinese city”, lays a reality; the city.
How are cities made in China? What can be learned from this? Is it producing models of urban forms, programs or architectures that can be applied globally?
Is it possible that the Chinese condition is so singular that it cannot be reproduced elsewhere?

Throughout the following weeks we will develop some of the background, content and methodologies involved in the workshop, both on the City/State and MovingCities websites. We will elaborate ideas, thoughts and analysis that go deeper into the understanding of the development of Chinese cities. As such it will try to understand and present the mechanisms that boost the urban growth in China and debate its relevance for other urban contexts.
This mechanisms will serve as the basis on which the City/State Unit workshop will continue to work and test is relevance, possibilities and adjustments within the context of Israel’s urban development, case-study Tel Aviv.

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