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Double Happy | photo by Hanne Granberg

DOUBLE HAPPY: (8+8=19) Views on Architecture in Finland and China
双喜: (8+8=19) 份对芬兰和中国建筑的观察 is a new review, published by Newly Drawn – a project initiated and run by a group of young independent Finnish architects – curated in cooperation with OK Do. Amongst many contributors, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities wrote a piece called ‘Zigzagging Zibo‘.

From Newly Drawn:

In current years we have witnessed a rise of new Chinese architecture. During recent visits to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, we realised that the new generation of Chinese architects shares similarities with the Newly Drawn architects. These emerging offices are developing their own ways of working, while building up their proper/official agendas and approaches, and actually creating and erecting new, real architecture. In Finland, the unique competition culture opens possibilities for new talent to land significant commissions, while in China the sheer volume and speed of transition, urbanisation, investment and building creates a rich and diverse terrain for different players.

The Double Happy publication, available in English and Chinese, juxtaposes Finland and China, aiming to draw one kind of a picture of architecture today; by bringing together an international group of practitioners that wish to stir up the architectural discourse in the two countries – and beyond.

Directed by our dearest Martta Louekari / Newly Drawn, Double Happy was published as a spin-off of the Shanghai Snowball Architecture Seminar and was launched during the Helsinki Design Week in Finland together with the October issue #130 of Beijing based Art and Design Magazine [previously] in China. It is available at Napa Books among other books stores.

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