Tomar + Driving through Portugal snapshots

Tomar | March 21, 2008

Tomar - Barragem do Castelo de Bode | March 21, 2008

Driving through Portugal | Tomar - Lisbon | March 22, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço |

Tomar is a city of some 20,000 and also a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 351.0 km² and a total population of 43,007 inhabitants. The municipality is composed of 16 parishes, and is located in the district of Santarém.

It was founded as head-quarters of the Knights Templar in Portugal in the 12th century and contains some of the most significant Templar monuments in Europe. Tomar was especially important in the 15th century when it was a centre of Portuguese overseas expansion under Henry the Navigator, the Grand Master of the Order of Christ, successor organization to the Templars in Portugal. [source: wikipedia]

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