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Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions | EARS ON SHANGHAI, 2 November 2012
EARS ON SHANGHAI architecture panel | Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions

Last Friday, November 2, MovingCities organized a panel – as part of EARS ON SHANGHAI [Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions] – on the architectural design of theatre spaces in China called ‘EARS on Venue Architecture & Design‘. [NEW: video update!]
The presentations – by PES architects, gmp Architekten, Eva Wang Studio & NorthernLight – took place at Shanghai’s Zhabei District Daning Theatre 大宁剧院 上海市闸北区.

EARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions is a new platform focusing on creative industry collaboration between Europe and Asia. EARS ON SHANGHAI was made possible in collaboration with The European Union2012 EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue, No Roads Entertainment, Danstrom –festival, CPAA Shanghai, Moving Cities, Radical Design Week, Center Stage China, Finnanimation.

EARS ON SHANGHAI is a one-day creative industries summit promoting European-Chinese collaboration, with a major focus on music and the performing arts. The event includes a series of panel presentations and roundtable discussions, featuring Chinese and European leaders from the music, performance art, architectural design, media and Internet technology industries.

The mission of EARS is to help build and foster relationships between creative industries professionals. EARS is a place to meet old and new friends, share and discover business opportunities and best practices, and get inspired by people and ideas. EARS ON SHANGHAI will take took place at Daning Theatre, located in the hi-tech and creative industries hub of Shanghai’s Zhabei District. Daning Theatre management seek to host further European music and performing arts-related events in 2013 and beyond.

Participating Companies included Bennett Media Studio, Caoker, Cao Tai Ban Theatre, Center Stage China, Chinese Shadows, Douban, Eva Wang Studio, Fazer Agency, Finnanimation, gmp Architekten, Kaiguan, Layabozi, Macao City Festival, MIDI Festival, Modern Sky Entertainment, MovingCitiesMusic Dish, Newly DrawnNorthernLight, Paper Tiger Theatre, Peng Hao Theatre, Peavey, PES Architects, Pluto Finland, Rockbund Art Museum, Rovio, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, Shanghai International Contemporary,  Theatre Festival, vfx alliance, VICE China, Zu He Niao, 88tc88,   .. and more.

Daning theatre . 1222 Ping Xingguan Rd. | Zhabei Dist. Shanghai

MovingCities collaborated with EARS in organizing a session focusing on recently built Chinese grand theaters and smaller venues for performance arts and interaction, called EARS on Venue Architecture & Design EARS与场馆建筑 & 设计 [11h30-12h15].

A recent article on the topic of constructing contemporary cultural facilities in China published in JingDaily stated that the blistering pace of new museum construction in China, which has only intensified in recent years, has some asking whether the country’s new cultural venues are filling a long-ignored absence or are “too much, too soon.”

But this analysis is not only limited to museum spaces, but can also be seen in a plethora of performance venues, grand theaters, opera houses [for example the Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid Architects] and other art centers around the country. During our research we ran into recent examples such as the Shanxi Grand Theatre in Taiyuan by Arte Charpentier Architectes [2012]; the DaGuan Theatre at Shanghai Himalayas Center by ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners 矶崎新上海工作室 [2010-2014]; or the Huangshan Theatre by Keppie Design [2011-…].

To shine a light on this subject and to illustrate an European-Chinese architectural interaction in the field of venue architecture & design, we invited four guest presenters:

EARS ON SHANGHAI | Daning Theater in Shanghai | 2 November 2012

Pekka Salminen, PES Architects | EARS on Venue Architecture & Design

Wu Wei 吴蔚, gmp Architekten | EARS on Venue Architecture & Design

Eva Wang 王怡丰, EWS | EARS on Venue Architecture & Design

Jeroen Jonkers, NorthernLight | EARS on Venue Architecture & Design

Parallel sessions to our panelEARS on Venue Architecture & Design included EARS on Performing Arts, Creative Industry Policy Roundtable Sessions, Animation One-to-Ones, Music Industry Roundtables, EARS on The Business of Music, Performing Arts Roundtables, EARS on Internet Technology, EARS on Promoting the Arts, Cultural and creative sectors in the EU and in EU-China cooperation – Presented by the European Commission, and EU-China Culture Panel – Creative industry successes and challenges from the field of EU-China, co-productions and collaborations. Moderated by Renata Brandstatterova – the European Commission, also featuring a short presentation by MovingCities, followed by discussion and opinion sharing.

Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions | EARS ON SHANGHAI | 2 Nov 2012

Pictures by movingcities.org

NEW video update! posted at EU-China YICD – European Commission

Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions | EARS Founders / Producers:



MovingCities special thanks to:

  • our aforementioned panelists and invited guests,
  • Feili Tang 汤菲黎, PR & Communications, gmp Architekten,
  • June Chuang 莊雋, Chief Representative, CJ International | PPA,
  • Dirk Zschunke, Manager Shanghai Office, Project Architect, PES Architects.

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