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MAK Vienna | Eastern Promises - curated/designed by Andreas Fogarasi & Christian Teckert

Eastern Promises is an exhibition curated and designed by Andreas Fogarasi and Christian Teckert. On display at MAK Vienna untill October 6, 2013, the exhibition focuses on the promise of pioneering architecture in a selection of East Asian countries, including those by leading proponents of the contemporary Japanese scene and by independent Chinese offices. MovingCities contributed an essay to the EASTERN PROMISES. Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia [HatjeCantz, 2013]-catalogue.

Eastern Promises

Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia

The promise of a pioneering architecture, which is especially associated with East Asian countries, is the focus of the exhibition EASTERN PROMISES. China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are currently seeing architectural and urban projects that amalgamate social awareness, ecological strategies and artistic practices in new ways. The reflection on local traditions and conditions as well as a critical awareness of global media technologies lead to an architectural approach that is less interested in iconic objects and spectacular forms than in a structural realignment of society in its spatial dimensions. This development heralds the emergence of a social aesthetic of architecture in the East Asian cultural sphere, whose strategies and tactics could prove decisive for the way we deal with dwindling resources on a global scale.

MAK Vienna | Eastern Promises exhibition [curated/designed by Andreas Fogarasi & Christian Teckert]

Architectural projects by

Amateur Architecture Studio/Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu / atelier deshaus / KUU architects / Jiakun Architects / Li Xiaodong Atelier / Li Xiaodong Atelier / Liu Jiakun Architects / NODE / Rem Koolhaas / Alain Fouraux / Ou Ning / Rural Urban Framework (RUF) / Scenic Architecture Office / standardarchitecture / TAO (Trace Architecture Office) / URBANUS Architecture & Design / Vitamin Creative Space / Zheng Guogu / Architects Atelier Ryo Abe / Atelier Bow-Wow ComnmandN / Masato Nakamura / CitySwitch Japan / dessence / CASE-REAL / Torafu Architects / Go Hasegawa & Associates / Jun Igarashi Architects / junya.ishigami+associates / Kazunari Sakamoto / Kazuyo Sejima & Associates / Kumiko Inui / Ohno Laboratory / ONdesign / Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop / Office of Ryūe Nishizawa / Ryuji Fujimura Architects / Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka / Sou Fujimoto Architects / Terunobu Fujimori / Tezuka Architects / UID architects / lokaldesign / Mass Studies / Moongyu Choi + Ga.A Architects / studio_K_works / Casagrande Laboratory / FieldOffice Architects & Planners / Hsieh Ying-Chun Architects / Atelier3 / MINIWIZ S.E.D.

MAK Vienna | Eastern Promises publication [HatjeCantz, 2013]

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication EASTERN PROMISES. Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia, edited by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Andreas Fogarasi, and Christian Teckert, with essays, project descriptions as well as research material on the regional contexts by Andreas Fogarasi, Christian Teckert, Roan Ching-yueh, Harry den Hartog, Jun Jiang, Kim Sung Hong, Bert de Muynck / Mónica Carriço, Christina Nägele, Alke Thamsen, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Julian Worrall et al. 
German/English, 304 pages, MAK Vienna / Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern 2013. Available at the MAK Design Shop.

A new trend in contemporary architecture is emerging from the East Asian countries of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan. This volume introduces more than 60 architectural projects throughout East Asia.


An extract from the MovingCities essay featured in EASTERN PROMISES. Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia:

Despite the massive growth of the China’s cities, being an architect is still considered a rather marginalized profession: one might argue that the architect is more a pragmatic facilitator translating financial constraints into a form, than a master of his own craft. Issues such as time-pressure, whimsical clients, sharp deadlines, long meetings, opaque decision-making processes, postponed or accelerated construction periods, discussable execution, constant changes and adaptations, are all common characteristics of China’s construction culture.

This creates a context where intensity, exhaustion, adaptation, change and redesign become a framework to understand architectural design beyond program, size, context, organization and materiality. The outcome, if innovative distinctive and creative, are explorations of this elusive and strangely all-encompassing term – Chinese architecture.


Maillen Hotel and Apartments . Shenzhen | URBANUS, 2012

5 scattered houses . Ningbo | Amateur Architecture Studio [2008]

Songzhuang artists’ residence . Beijing | Xu Tiantian (DnA) [2009]

CIPEA Nanjing | Atelier Zhanglei [2010]

Kindergarten at Jiading New Village . Jiading | Atelier Deshaus [2010]

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EASTERN PROMISES. Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia
MAK Vienna – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts /Contemporary Art
Hours: Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien Vienna, Austria
Hours: 5 June–6 October 2013
Hours: Wednesday–Sunday 10am–6pm;Tuesday 10am–10pm, free admission 6–10pm.

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Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia
Published by: Hatje Cantz > >
Edited by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Andreas Fogarasi, Christian Teckert, MAK, Wien, texts by Mónica Carriço, Roan Ching-yueh, Andreas Fogarasi, Harry den Hartog, Sung Hong Kim, Jun Jiang, Bert de Muynck, Christina Nägele, Christian Teckert, Alke Thamsen, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Julian Worrall, graphic design by Perndl+Co | German/English | 2013. 304 pp., 650 ills. | 21.40 x 27.20 cm
ISBN: 9783775736701  | € 38.00 ~ $60.00

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