Eko Prawoto | Nasirun private gallery

Nasirun Gallery by Eko Prawoto | August 9, 2012

While in Yogyakarta, we met up with Indonesian architect/artist Eko Prawoto. Although Eko Prawoto is largely know for his art-installations and the use of locally sourced and often recycled materials, he has been a quite active architect within the artistic scene in Yogyakarta. This can be exemplified in his design for the Cemeti Art House or Langgeng Art Foundation. With him we visited a recent project, a small and private gallery for the Indonesian artist Nasirun.

The project that until today characterizes the approach by Eko Prawoto the best is his involvement in the Reconstruction of Ngibikan Village (donwload pdf) nearby Yogyakarta. Some background:

On May 27, 2006, an earthquake hit Indonesia in the region of Yogyakarta in the southern portion of central Java. The village of Ngibikan located less than 10 kilometers from the quake’s epicenter was destroyed. More than 140,000 homes in the immediate region were severely damaged and there were over 5,700 deaths. With financial assistance from a local newspaper, and design input from a local architect Eko Prawoto, the villagers of Ngibikan, led by community leader Maryono reconstructed 65 homes in less than 90 days.

In an interview with Eko Prawoto (donwload pdf), he expressed his ideas on the cultural development of Indonesia as follows:

IL: Do you think that your way of thinking about architecture is now increasingly mainstream in Indonesia and is perhaps spreading around the Southeast Asian region?

EP: Sadly not. To be honest, I am still in a learning process, understanding and remembering again about the laws of Nature. So many things have been forgotten, nearly gone forever without anyone having a chance to learn them. We are racing against time now. Observing Indonesia’ modernization process, people’s diminishing confidence in their own culture, and the increasing influence of global industry, it is clear time is running short.

A couple of snapshots while walking around with Nasirun (for more info check odetoart, we-painting or interview in thejakartapost) and Eko Prawoto. Click on some images below so to enlarge them. For more pictures about this project, check jiathwee’s flickr-steam on Eko Prawoto.

Pictures by movingcities.org

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