Shanghai | Expo2010 site visit III

Shanghai World Expo 2010 | Spanish pavillion | January 19, 2010

Norway, Australia, China and Spain complete the third and final chapter of the MovingCities series on the Shanghai 2010 World Expo pavilions under construction. While in the first and the second post we covered parts of the European expo-district, today we are strolling over the elevated streets connecting different parts of the area.

We were not the only ones roaming the expo-site last week. A day earlier, Adam Minter, an American writer in Shanghai, and the man behind Shanghai Scrap, followed a fairly similar path as we did. In his double post, entitled “A Cavalcade of (under-construction) Expo 2010 Pavilions” [part I (Dec 2009) and part II (January 2010)], he collects his impressions and images, and, seemingly on the fly, launches a new architectural award: the “First Shanghai Scrap Pavilion Architecture Prize.” Currently the Spanish pavilion, designed by miralles tagliabue EMBT, is the front-runner for the prize.

But, as can be seen in the image above and the ones below, the “Spanish basket” is today far from being final:

The Spain Pavilion will offer the visitor a spectacular vision that combines the latest technology with the utilization – on a scale never before seen – of a traditional material, wicker, which completely covers its facade. Even before its creation it has been baptized the “Spanish basket” by the Chinese media, alluding to its organic shape, a 25,000 meter steel tubing skeleton that will support 8,524 large wicker panels.

Currently the Spain pavilion consists, much alike former United States Senator Ted Stevens once described the internet, of nothing else than a series of tubes. Wicked!

Norwegian pavilion | architect: Helen & Hard

Australian pavilion | architect: Wood Marsh & Think!OTS

Chinese pavilion | architect: He Jingtang

Spanish pavilion | architect: miralles tagliabue EMBT

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For more in-depth coverage and background check MovingCities new expo2010-tag.

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  1. Based upon the overcast sky, and light, I think we not only shared a path, but might also have been visiting the site within hours of each other. Terrific images – especially the Norwegian ones, which we missed during our tour.

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