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Upcoming Sunday November 25, FA-SH-ART! – Fashion Creativity & Arts – is taking place at the Rockbund Art Museum [RAM 上海外滩美术馆] in Shanghai 上海.
As part of FA-SH-ART! Basic Instincts, Dutch and Chinese Fashion in context –program, hosted by RAM & DutchDFA, MovingCities will present the Fashion in China Mapping report. The event starts at 3pm, reserve your seat and find additional information after the break.

FA-SH-ART! | Fashion Creativity & Arts at RAM Shanghai

FA-SH-ART! is the first RAM series of events related to Arts & Fashion creativity.
The first edition proposes to explore the mapping and connections between Dutch and Chinese Fashion scenes which are involved into very strong creativity processes, reinventing the codes of Fashion, observing the contextual mutations, extending the fashion scene to design and visual arts. Our worldly acclaimed speakers and researchers will introduce Chinese and Dutch Fashion scenes, questioning the way Chinese and Dutch designers are pushing the limits of Fashion to beyond categorizations, reductive identifications in order to invent fresh concepts, outstanding clothes and exciting transdisciplinarity.

时尚创意与艺术:荷兰和中国之嬗变,是RAM发起的关于“艺术,时尚和设计创意”的系列项目的首场活动,旨在探索荷兰和中国的时尚界的图景与联结,创造全新的时尚语言,观察当下语境中的嬗变,并将时尚拓展至设计与视觉艺术。 我们邀请到全球知名的专业人士介绍中国和荷兰的时尚界,开启对中国和荷兰设计师们不拘一格的时尚拓展之讨论,在去除陈规定位的同时生发新鲜创想,从而创造出色的服饰设计与激动人心的跨学科交流与合作。

Jenny JI 吉承 | La Vie
LIANGZI Fashion 梁子时装实业 | TANGY

Program FA-SH-ART! | at RAM Shanghai | SUNDAY Nov 25

[15:00 – 17:30] venue: Associate Mission Bldg., 169 Yuan Ming Yuan Rd. 圆明园路169号协进大

Mapping Fashion 时尚收录

  • DutchDFA Dutch Fashion Profiles Screening: Iris van Herpen, Scholten & Baijings
  • Bert de Muynck [co-director MovingCities], Design and Fashion in China mappings

Duo Dialogue: Fashion & Arts in their extended fields 时尚与艺术的延展及对话

  • José Teunissen, board member of Premsela The Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, which hosted Basic Instincts // Dutch Fashion in context
  • Shaway Yeh, editorial director of Modern Media Group Curator of A Plus, focuses on Chinese Fashion and curatorial practice connecting Fashion with visual arts
    [叶晓薇:现代传播时尚编辑总监,中国时尚与视觉艺术策展实践《A Plus》的策展人]
  • Roundtable dialog moderated by Bert de Muynck [圆桌讨论,主持:伯德孟]

[17:30 – 18:00] RAM Tour

  • Guided tour for Time Traveler by Larys Frogier, director of RAM
    上海外滩美术馆馆长Larys Frogier导览:《时光旅行者》
    venue: RAM, 20 Hu Qiu Road 上海外滩美术馆,虎丘路20号

[18:00 ~ ] RAM Happening

  • Happening: Showcases from Dutch and Chinese fashion designers 
    venue: RAM, 6F, 20 Hu Qiu Rd.  上海外滩美术馆六楼,虎丘路20号楼6F

– – –
Admission is Free | Reservation is required:

RSVP 时尚聚会 info [at] rockbundartmuseum [dot] org
来自荷兰与中国的时尚设计展示(敬请预约:info [at] rockbundartmuseum [dot] org)

FA-SH-ART! Basic Instincts, Dutch and Chinese Fashion in context 
is organized with the support of DutchDFA and the Dutch Consulate.

ZHANG Da 张达 | source: BOUNDLESS 没边

Quotes from MovingCities DutchDFA Fashion in China Mapping Report

Most foreign fashion designers and media want to see a brand and not the production behind it. We would like to show a real Chinese brand that shows creativity and quality. I do not want to use something superficial, but to discover something inside of these 5,000 years of history. Maybe something you can’t see, but you can feel.
     Uma WANG 王汁 [Fashion Designer, UMA WANG, Shanghai]

Due to the number of artists, media types, and students, Beijing has far more bohemian types seeking their own distinct look. One might say that Beijing is hip, while Shanghai tries to be chic. With all of its universities, galleries, and studios, Beijing is the cultural capital of China as it has been for centuries. For the entirety of its much shorter history, Shanghai has been Western-looking. It comes as no surprise that it would seek to imitate the styles of Western capitals.
     Nels FRYE [Creative Director, Stylites, Beijing]

In our opinion, nothing is waste, if you can research it for its own character. In the beginning we made some garments didn’t make profits, but afterwards we began to research the silk and work with it in new ways.
     LIANG Zi 梁子 [Design director, TANGY, Shenzhen]

Read more about Design & Fashion in China Mappings [or download pdf 1+2]

DutchDFA Design & Fashion in China Mappings | MovingCities 2012

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