Adi Purnomo | Green & Tidy | MARK magazine#21

Puri Indah by mamostudio | Mark Magazine#21

In Mark Magazine #21 (August-September 2009), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published a review of the Puri Indah House by the Jakarta-based architecture office mamostudio. “Green and Tidy” is now online.

Also included in the aforementioned New Indonesian Architecture-publication [in SPACE#498], this review in Mark #21 [check ArchDaily synopsis] discusses more in-depth the recently finished house/studio in Jakarta for a photographer and painter:

The Puri Indah house is mamostudio’s most recently completed project. The client is a photographer and painter who needed a place to work and space to exhibit his private portfolio and art collection. Natural light plays an important role in the design, as does the concept of rationality. β€˜I wanted to question rationality,’ says Purnomo, β€˜To see if it hampers or promotes the creative process.’ The result is a dwelling with a rational structure that nevertheless leaves space for creativity. The house is set up as a series of slanting walls on a rigid grid, on the premise of catching and redistributing sunlight at certain hours of the day.

Puri Indah by mamostudio | Mark Magazine#21

The work of mamostudio is surely one to keep an eye on, as it addresses a set of issues – rationality, low-budget, green, urban architecture – and solutions for how to live in large-scale metropolis that are under development. Jakarta, which we observed and interpreted last year in a series of posts, is the apotheosis of the architecture of airconditioners, a culture mamostudio intelligently aspires to stay away from:

In the Puri Indah house, the plants are on the roof. They ensure the house is shaded and kept cool, while still admitting daylight into the house. His architectural aversion to air conditioners isn’t solely based on personal preference, but also on his idea that they generate complex problems.

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