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Guangzhou - Shenzhen | December 6, 2010

The second leg of the recent MovingCities travel to the Pearl River Delta was in function of the participation by Bert de Muynck in the 2010 Shenzhen International Conference and UNESCO Creative Cities Network-conference [more information on the Shenzhen Design-website]. So, on Monday December 6, we left Guangzhou to arrive about one a half hour later in Shenzhen. Snapshots while looking sideways at the shifting urban and manufacturing landscapes.

MovingCities loves being on-the-move and finds the train to be one of the more convenient modes of transport to dissect different urban conditions. We have been documenting our drive-through whether these are in Belgium [September 2010], from Shanghai to Nanjing [March, 2010] or from Beijing to Zibo [September, 2009]. As a contribution to the recently published Revista Materia Arquitectura #02 we formulated our impressions as following:

While moving around in China, one understands that an effective Chinese model of urban development has yet to crystallize. Indeed, there might not be a guaranteed outcome, and it is hard to imagine everything going right, but that doesn’t obscure the emergence of a new urban order over, under, inside and above existing cities. In this new urban order architectural and urban research and analysis are based on seemingly irrational decisions, arbitrariness, intuition and coincidences coalescing critically. It is supported, once the opportunity arises, by a method intensifying the urban experience, by tagging, reading, writing, renaming, roaming, classifying, picturing and making sense of the city through different forms of mobile field research, by train, cab, foot, from on top windshields, rooftops and bicycles.

More movement below: from Guangzhou to Shenzhen.

Guangzhou - Shenzhen | December 6, 2010

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