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Guangzhou | November 11, 2009

Our impressions of Guangzhou are random and scattered. Drifting for four days in-between the GAFA Campus, Tianhe Central Business District, shoppingmalls, rooftops, the Opera House and the Pearl River Tower, we eventually headed to Guangzhou’s Eastern Railway Station. Destination Shenzhen.

30 years ago the Belgian art historian and sinologist Simon Leys published a book called “Chinese Shadows”. In it he states the following about Guangzhou (Canton):

Since the beginning of this century, the places in China where new ideas start fermenting and revolutionary insurrections begin have been Canton, Shanghai and Wuhan. After twenty years of Maoism, it was seen during the Cultural Revolution that those three cities had lost none of their revolutionary potential. In them, sooner or later, the Chinese revolution will take fire again.

After thirty years of Refrom, it is seen in the Pearl River Delta that the course of its cities is irreversibly changed. in 1978 Shenzhen hardly existinge, today a 10-million inhabitants metropolis. On top of the P.R.D. a maze  is constructed – elevated highways, bridges and descending ramps -, reducing travel time in and to the Factory of World continuously and considerably. Is a new idea on the city fermenting? Sparks of fire while heading towards the Guangzhou-Shenzhen bullet train.

Walking Guangzhou | November 9, 2009

Urban Village in Guangzhou | November 9, 2009

Guangzhou highways | November 9, 2009

Guangzhou - Shenzhen | November 11, 2009

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