Guangzhou | uncertain cities

Guangzhou | March 14, 2011

The dominant uncertainty of the 21st-century world is not what happens to the city, or even whether we can engineer a new type of city. The dominant uncertainty of our time is the survival of architecture on this planet. Drive through cities are the type of cities we know best. Cities where architecture doesn’t matter [too much]. One can never be sure if one drives away or towards a city. This uncertainty is the inevitable consequence of the lack of a clear and verifiable stance of how cities should be evolving. We are expanding, shrinking, moving, driving, loosing all sense of proportion and a couple of camera’s along the way. We sit in the front and the back, drive from district to district, into an expanding desert of uncertainties. We move slower or faster, measure the degree of territorial tension along the way.

Guangzhou | March 14, 2011

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