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Guangzhou | March 12, 2011

It is no secret that our species easily complains when it thinks buildings are too tall.
But what about when they’re not tall enough?

It has been universally acknowledged that one of the most urgent tasks facing us is to end the era of architecture. Architecture has had its time and now it is time to stop its development. It is time to fire all its practitioners.

So we overheard while strolling a revolving restaurant in Guangzhou 广州.

As an architect you have to be able to work in all kind of different conditions, you have to be a master in handling different scales, be a crook when dealing with developers, a lover with clients, a dictator with contractors. The majority of the architects are unaware of the path architecture is following. Into the abyss! The horror of humble high-rises! This is how we navigate between complex and simple urban and architectural problems. The amount of construction projects taking place in the Central Business District creates an unique situation, almost a tourist attraction, a Expo of Cities under Construction, but the city does need to involve architects in other urban areas undergoing major transformations.

The future is fiction. The present not tall enough.

Guangzhou | March 12, 2011

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