CAA architecture jury | Hangzhou

School of Architecture at CAA | June 2, 2011

On June 2, the School of Architecture of China Academy of Art Hangzhou (CAA) 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院 organized the presentation of the final year projects. Bert de Muynck | MovingCities was invited to participate in the jury of the studio’s of Erhard An-He Kinzelbach [KNOWSPACE architecture + cities] and Haoru Chen 陈浩如 [Citiarc International]. The first one dealt with the issue of aging, the second one with independent research. Hangzhou 杭州, snapshots, students, maquettes and background.

Objective of “Aging Studio 2010/2011” by Erhard An-He Kinzelbach [KNOWSPACE]:

The studio aims at discussing and prototyping ideas for the whole range of issues – from rethinking care typologies to better fit the idea of aging in place, from imagining spatial organizations for new forms of community and family life to ergonomic considerations on a material level. The studio will imagine spatial environments that an aging society will live in and interact with.

Objective of “Ten Subjects” by Haoru Chen 陈浩如 [Citiarc International]:

As the culminating point of the five-year architectural education, this thesis studio is set up to advice students on their own independent research and design of two continuous terms. The students were advised to choose a specific field of research and to write a detailed program on a real site in which the hypothetical project would locate.

About three weeks later, we find following words [in no particular order] in our notebook: stairs, ramps, staircase, meeting point, elderly alley community, fragmented, society of the landscape, aging under one roof, proportions are okay, visually appealing but randomly organized, floating school, nice model, no context, boxes, activating the street, ecology, moving screens, the spectalized construction of an existing urban village.

School of Architecture at CAA | June 2, 2011

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