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xSNOWBALL Architecture | February - March 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture is a project aiming to bring together Finnish and Chinese architecture. It is organized by the Finnish Association of Architects –SAFA – as part of Finland‘s cultural program for World Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

On Friday February 12, MovingCities presented during the SNOWBALL Architecture Helsinki (FINLAND/program) seminar event which was held at Kiasma – Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art. The first Snowball event presents Finnish offices sharing their experiences from China. The upcoming event will be a 3-day program in Shanghai, at the end of March.

MovingCities and NeeBing/Lychee Productions will be locally co-producing a series of seminars, networking events, friday-night-party & architectural tour, together with Martta Louekari [SNOWBALL / Newly Drawn -project] & Tuomas Toivonen [NOW for Architecture and Urbanism / SNOWBALL / Newly Drawn -project]; Jenna SUTELA & Anni Puolakka, [OK Do Editors and Creative Directors]; and Elin Svensson & Johanna Lundberg [Åh, art directors].

SNOWBALL Architecture Shanghai | 25th – 27th  March

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The Friday-noon lecture happened in Kiasma, the contemporary art museum, in Helsinki. The building is designed by Steven Holl and it is named after kiasma, Finnish translation for a chiasma alluding to the basic conceptual idea of its architect. A short description of the main circulation space of the museum:

The main entrance leads the visitor into a high lobby under a glass ceiling. This lends the building personality, which develops in increasingly clearer forms as one walks towards the auditorium and the galleries. A curving ramp leads from the ground-floor lobby towards the core of the museum in the distance. The design is based on ideas about the golden section, Zen-like peace, a human scale. These principles are manifested, for example, by the spatial sequences on the first and third floors, by the lines and details of the galleries.

The SNOWBALL Architecture Helsinki program started with a working meeting between Finnish participants and co-producers, followed by a lecture by Bert [titled ‘Overview on the Chinese architectural context’]. For more info see blog post: ‘More notes from Snowball Helsinki 12/2’

Snowball Helsinki – Arkkitehtuurivientiä Kiinaan event featured talks from Finnish architects and decision-makers. Exploring the present and the future collaborations in architecture between Finland and China, these professionals shared their personal experiences and new insights.

After this, presentations were made by JKMM Architects – on ‘Making Kirnu, the Finnish pavilion at Shanghai Expo’; followed by Yrjö Sotamaa, Aalto University & Tongji University – on ‘Challenges and opportunities in China’; third by Pekka Salminen/ PES Architects – ‘How to take architecture to China?’; fourth by Pekka Timonen – about ‘World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 word by word’; and final words by Tommila architects – DigiEcoCities.

Snapshots of a long snowy day.

Kiasma contemporary art museum | Helsinki, February 12 2010

SNOWBALL - Martta Louekari & Tuomas Toivonen | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture - meeting | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

SNOWBALL - introduction & presentations [part II] | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture - ...Chinese architectural context | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture - coffee break at Kiasma | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

Kiasma contemporary art museum | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

View over from Kiasma contemporary art museum | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture - presentations [part II] | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

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