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Andra Matin: A Sequel | August 1, 2012

After a summer break, MovingCities is back at work. First stop is Jakarta, where on August 1 we attended the opening of Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel. The exhibition contains 9 built works by the leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. Each of the designs is presented in 9 short films. The exhibition is on view at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space until August 27. Impressions after the break.

‘Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel’ [Andra Matin: A Sequel] is a delicate exhibition curated by Avianti Armand, while
 Davy Linggar acted as artistic director. It present a timely overview and insight into the work of leading modern Indonesian architect Andra Matin, who enjoys great recognition within Indonesian architecture, but whose work is underexposed outside of the country. We hope, but also foresee, that soon his works and ideas will find a greater entrance within the international architectural community.

Andra Matin: A Sequel | August 1, 2012

From the press release:

Andra Matin is a cinematic architect. Architecture is as an organized event structured in a sequence of experience that comprehends the entire “postponed” story, though not understood at the same time. If architecture in general is standardized through the elimination of human emotion, then Andra Matin “forces” us to lend our emotion and place it that context. He is present not through the material existence, but by the images and feelings arising through those who experience it. Thus, he compels us to form the attachment to place, time, and especially ourselves in a more powerful and meaningful way. The 9 films on display is a representation of Andra Matin’s architecture in the form of cinema, one of the most appropriate format for display, as well as understanding of his work.

Interestingly the exhibition is hosted in one of Andra Matin’s first projects – Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space [co-established by Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil, founder of LeBoYe Design] – where last year we attended the opening and presented at the symposium of the Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition by jongArsitek!

We’ll follow up in the near future with some more in-depth coverage on this tropical architect (check the introduction and invitation video animation at jongArsitek!). For now, a couple of snapshots of the opening event of Andra Matin‘s solo exhibition.






Pictures by

Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel
Andra Matin: A Sequel – solo exhibition | August 1-27, 2012

Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space [LeBoYe Design]
Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 A
Jakarta, 12730

Exhibition: 2-27 August 2012 (Open to public) | 9:30 am – 6: 00 pm

jongBincang! : Andra Matin
August 11, 2012 | 16:00 to 18:00
Moderator: Armand Avianti

Discussion of the exhibition
August 15, 2012 | 19:00
Speakers: Riri Riza, Ismail Reza, Avianti Armand.
Moderator: Henry Gunawan

Architectural Screening
25 August 2012 | 19.00

Book launch Andra Matin, discussion of books and closure of the exhibition
27 August 2012 | 19:00
Speakers: Goenawan Mohamad, Sonny Sutanto, Astrid Susanti, Wiyoga Nurdiansyah
Moderator: Henry Gunawan

The event is supported by:
Potato Head; jongArsitek!; Magran Stone Boutique

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