Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ opening

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu | July 1, 2011

For Indonesian architects, a house is usually their first project, the first experiment, the first chance to make a built work. […] By removing the client out of this context, we enlarge the room to explore architecture.” So states Danny Wicaksono in his curatorial intentions for the Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition. The opening weekend in Jakarta was a great event full off maquettes, jongArsitek!, (but also other) architects and creatives – drinks, dialogues, music, presentation and food.

The exhibition, which is still running till July 20, is taking place at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space. It is established by Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil, founder of LeBoYe Design, his wife, Engel, and art experts Franky Sadikin and Windi Salomo. In Indonesian, dia means he or she, lo is slang for you and gue means me. Noted and acclaimed Indonesian architect Andra Martin was the creative force behind the transformation of the former house into the modern tropical art/creative/dialogue/coffee and exhibition space it is today. According to a recent publication – but also out of experience – it is a An Art Space to Get You Talking.

One week later, it is hard to recall all the conversations, explanations, dialogues, discussions [the Sunday one moderated by Henry Gunawan Tjhi] and impressions MovingCities had of the opening and symposium of the Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition. The young Indonesian architects did a thorough job in investigating a multitude of typologies, scales, and problems that go along with the ongoing development of a new Indonesian architectural approach to their distinct architectural and urban problems, challenges and opportunities. There is a lot to discover in the diversity of this unified approach that jongArsitek! as a young and emerging platform is establishing. Keep an eye on them and not only on their innovative recipes for a new Indonesian architecture, but also on their close connections to the culinary world of the street-food wizards of KEUKEN [blog +update: Reclaim The Street, Eat!].

Our 40 images below, the 57 of jongArsitek! here.

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu | July 1 to 3, 2011

Pictures by movingcities.org

Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition | July 1-20, 2011

Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space [LeBoYe Design]
Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 A
Jakarta, 12730

participating 11 young Indonesian architects
12akitek | SHAU | SUB Architects | DOT Workshop | Andrew Tirta (ILATAAJ) | Indonesian Dreams | Kotakotak | Andreas Susandika | Wagionos | Setiadi Sopandi | HEH Studio

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