Jakarta | urban snapshots V

Jakarta | October 14, 2008

Jakarta, October 14. No better way to move through Jakarta than on a motorcycle. On our way to Trisakti University, Danny Wicaksono drove through little alleys, over highway intersections, in-between financial district and along residential compounds. From the back of the motorcycle I started scanning the city, at once hectic, randomly chaotic, but still moving forward. Motorcycles, cars, little trucks, big trucks, buses and pedestrians started moving towards us constantly from all directions, and once we could make speed Jakarta’s buildings started fleeting around us, turning the city into a whirlwind of styles and shapes. Some drive-by shooting doesn’t reveal the intensity of this experience, the daily reality of the inhabitants of Jakarta, the smells, colors and warmth through which we tried to find our way.

In the afternoon I took again the TransJakarta, after my earlier trip on Koridor I, I moved along what appeared to be Koridor II, a loop connecting the outskirts with the Harmoni Bus Station in the center of the city. Moving Eastwards, seemingly parallel to the Java Sea (which I couldn’t see), one enters a territory of slums, temporary housing and sprawled skyscrapers. A couple of snapshots.

Jakarta from the back of a motorcycle | October 14, 2008

Jakarta from inside the TransJakarta | October 14, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck | movingcities.org

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