Line13 Superlinearity | TURENSCAPE

Last Thursday [May 29 2008]Line13 Superlinearity’-workshop visited China´s leading landscape architectural office: TURENSCAPE Design Institute. Alejandro Cabrera Camprubi invited the students to have their in-work findings/presentations and offered an insight into some of the strategies and design principles underlying TURENSCAPE´s projects. We took Line13, stopping at Shangdi station [Zhongguancun District] and, with a diverse range of transportation means available, headed towards the office.

 Shangdi station | Beijing, May 29 2008

Workshop in-work presentation at TURENSCAPE | Beijing, May 29 2008

Around TURENSCAPE with Alexandro Cabrera Camprubi | Beijing, May 29 2008

TURENSCAPE Design Institute | Beijing, May 29 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço |

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