Lisbon Metropolitan Area snapshots

On Wednesday March 26, we went driving through and checking out the peri-urban condition in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. We drove around in the area between the Alfornelos and Odivelas subway stations. Lisbon Metropolitan Area [Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, or AML] is a territorial zone that includes 18 municipalities [concelhos] in Portugal. The smaller Grande Lisboa [Greater Lisbon] area is a subregion of the NUTS II Lisbon Region by its own right.

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area, centered in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon, is the largest population concentration in Portugal. Preliminary data from the 2001 Portuguese census puts the population of the metropolitan area at 2,641,006 [about ¼ of the Portuguese population], of which 20.8% lives in the city of Lisbon. About 27% of the population of continental Portugal lives in the 2,957.4 km² of AML [3.2% of the continental territory of Portugal], which has an active population of about 1.3 million people. With 32.7% of the national employment being located in its territory, the contribution of AML for the Gross Domestic Product surpasses 36%. [source: wikipedia]

Lisbon Metropolitan Area - area between the Alfornelos and Odivelas subway stations | March 26, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço |

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