Looping Line13 | snapshots

Line 13 Superlinearity Workshop | Segments key | May, 2008

On Tuesday, December 9, we continued on our scanning of the peri-urban urban condition around Beijing’s Line13. Accompanied by Dutch graphical designer Gabrielle Marks and Canadian architect/movie-maker Derrick Wang, we walked the area around Wangjingxi and from Beiyuan to Lishuiqiao subway station (segment 4).

The Wangjingxi subway station, located on the Eastern side of Line13, has over the past months shown a clear form of urban status quo – the road widening projects are almost finished, construction workers are putting the facades on apartment building and the recycling villages in between construction sites have become parking lots – and today it looks like its middle class ambitions are becoming a reality. This area, a couple of years still an edge location, is from an urban design point of view totally indistinct. It could be anywhere and everywhere, a district lost in between highways.

At the other hand, Beiyuan subway station, located on the northern section of Line13, is still at forefront of Beijing’s urban development. In a couple of months’ time this area changed from hosting a theme park, dog training center and village into being a desert. Today, the first signs of transformation can be seen. Construction cranes arrived, migrant workers are wielding and pouring concrete, dormitories have been erected and a cloud of dust hangs over in this desert of bricks and rubble. Some snapshots.

Area around Wangjingxi subway station | Beijing, December 9

Walk from Beiyuan to Lishuiqiao subway station | Beijing, December 9

Pictures by movingcities.org

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