Macau | urban snapshots II

Macau has a population density of approximately 18.811 persons per square kilometer, one of the highest densities in the world, where an estimate of 520,000 people share an area of 29.2 km². Close to Portas do Cerco (Barrier Gate Plaza) one sees the dense housing-towers and feels the flow of people moving from the mainland and back at its boiling point. Situated in the northernmost part of the peninsula, the checkpoint opened in 2004 and it now connects with Zhuhai through a 200-metre wide isthmus (see google-map), allowing that thousands of visitors/workers walk the border daily, as mentioned on a deleted article ‘Zhuhai or Burst’ in the Macau Business-website:

Today, the former desolate cities across Macau’s border have been transformed into economic powerhouses and are now attracting the same people who abandoned them years ago. According to a recent report by the Macau Society of Social Sciences, about 20% of the local population now live across the border, mostly in Zhuhai, and this figure is set to rise as property prices spike in Macau.

MovingCities went to the northern part of town by bus and back. Later to arrive at the Tap Seac Square – the largest regeneration plan since the Largo do Senado in Macau’s city centre.

Portas do Cerco, North Barrier Gate to Zhuhai, Macau | January 21

Surrondings of Istmo Ferreira do Amaral or Guan Zha Ma Lu, Macau | January 21

By Estrada da Areia Preta or Hei Sha Huan Ma Lu, Macau | January 21

By Lin Fung Temple, Macau | January 21

Tap Seac Square, Macau | January 21

North surrondings of St. Michael Cemetery, Macau | January 21

Pictures by Mónica Carriço |

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