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The MAS (tagline a new museum in Antwerp about the river, the city, the port and the world) is a design by Neutelings-Riedijk Architects and currently under construction. Surprisingly under construction one could say, as the design was already on the table in 1999 when Neutelings-Riedijk won the international architectural competition. It took 7 years to lay the first stone, in September 2006, and the museum is supposed to be operational in 2010.

The MAS is located on the “Eilandje” (small island) in the old harbour district in northern Antwerp with the ambition to speed up the urban redevelopment there. The architects explain their design as follows:

The MAS is a 60 metres high tower of stacked exhibition spaces. Each level is twisted 90 degrees to form a giant spiral. This glazed space becomes a vertical galleria. Elevators guide the visitors to the top of the building in a journey through the history of Antwerp and trough the panoramas of the city. On the upper floor a restaurant, a conference room and a sky deck are situated. Square, docks and tower are designed to form one continuous space for exhibitions and events.

MAS by Neutelings-Riedijk Architects | Antwerp, August 22, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck |

MAS by Neutelings-Riedijk Architects
MAS project presentation

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