NAi China Program | day I

NAi Archives | Rotterdam, August 30, 2010

About one year ago, the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi] asked MovingCities to set up a so-called NAi matchmaking-program in China. The program is part of the new international agenda of the NAi and has the ambition to instigate collaborations between Dutch and Chinese architects. One year of talking, working, interviewing, plotting and scheming later, the NAi invited – in September 2010 – a select group of Chinese architect for a study trip to the Netherlands. Info and impressions after the break.

During the past year we conducted, on behalf of the NAi, research on specific urban and architectural subjects influencing today’s and tomorrows design agenda amongst a diverse group of Chinese architects and urban planners in Beijing 北京, Shanghai 上海, Guangzhou 广州, Hangzhou 杭州 and Shenzhen 深圳. The result so far is a consultancy report and an the organization of an ongoing series of expert meetings between the NAi and Chinese architects and other potential stakeholders in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

At the core of this project sits following ambition:

It is the ambition of the NAi to see where Dutch architectural knowledge can be of value all around the world. However, before we can do this, we have to identify specific urgent developments and then act as mediator. These urgent matters can be diverse as dealing with issues such as water, public space, landscape management, (social)housing, urban planning, design research, digital architecture, planning and cultural heritage.

By September 2010 a theme for the exchange program had been decided upon and a large group of Chinese architects been involved as various stages. We’ll be working during the upcoming years on the program’s execution, organization and discourse and communicate further here. As for now, some snapshots from a first highlight; a three-day tour to the Netherlands organized by the NAi.

Following architects were present during the first day:

Locations visited during the first day in Rotterdam: NAi Archives, Lijnbaan [Van den Broek en Bakema – 1953], Kubuswoning – “Cubehouses” [Blom – 1984], Kiefhoek [J.J.P. Oud – 1930] and Landtong [Van Dongen – 1998].

NAi matchmaking program | Rotterdam, August 30, 2010

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