NAi China workshop | day III

NAi China Housing workshop | Tuesday April 26, 2011

The third, and final day of the ‘NAi China Housing workshop’ went further, deeper and broader into understanding the potential of bringing in social/affordable/low-cost/low-rent housing in the context of the VANKE 万科 Xianghe-project. Snapshots while Dutch and Chinese architects are discussing masterplans, manuals and methodologies.

NAi China workshop

During the day following ideas, launched during several sessions of rapid masterplanning, were launched:

There can be no city without incorporating different social groups. All social groups must participate in the creation and evaluation of spatial concepts.

How to promote social housing as a desirable choice, as part of an active lifestyle by seeking advanced ways of manufacturing the units?

What does social housing means in this context? Is it affordable housing in the context of Xianghe, or are we thinking about a way to deal with affordable housing in bedroom communities in general? Or are we dealing with social housing based on a tabula rasa strategy?

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participating architects
Urbanus Architecture & Design 都市实践 | Wang Hui 王辉 + Xiaodu Liu 刘晓都, standardarchitecture 标准营造 | Zhang Ke 张轲, O-office 源计划工作室 | He Jianxiang & Jiang Ying | 何健翔 & 蒋滢, NODE 南沙原创建筑工作室(NODE) | Doreen Heng Liu 刘珩, amateur architecture studio | 业余建筑工作室 | Wang Shu 王澍, Citiarc International | Haoru Chen 陈浩如, KNOWSPACE architecture + cities | Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, KCAP | Petar Zaklanovic, NL Architecten | Pieter Bannenberg + Walter van Dijk, Arons en Gelauff | Floor Arons + Arnoud Gelauff, NEXT Architects | John van de Water + Michel Schreinemachers, BARCODE | Dirk Peters


CN-NL Housing Symposium | Sunday April 24, 2011

NAi China Housing workshop | Monday April 25, 2011

This workshop is part of Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi] Matchmaking program, and is made possible by the Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture [DutchDFA].

Special Thanks: WANG Shu 王澍, LU Wenyu 陆文宇, ZHANG MinMin 张敏敏/
China Academy of Art Hangzhou [CAA] School of Architecture 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院

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