ORDOS100 | conclusion phase II

ORDOS100 concluded its third and last meeting. Between June 24 and June 29, the 72 international architecture offices of ORDOS100 phase II came back to Ordos, Inner Mongolia. movingcities attended this meeting, absorbing 72000 square meters of villa’s in five days, that is 600 square meters an hour. An impression of the opening evening.

The architects of phase II gathered on Tuesday, June 24, in Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital Airport with their luggage and architectural models. The last ones packed in boxes, little boxes, big boxes, none the same. There were green ones and pink ones, and a blue one and a yellow one, a round one and a square one, and a cardboard one, a wooden one and a glass one. And many more little boxes, flew in from all places of the world.

Once the plane hit the ground of Inner-Mongolia, we were put in buses, drove to the hotel, had dinner and after that the architects gathered around the big masterplan model, opened their boxes and placed their models onto the big site model. Filling up their plots and scanning other architects’ proposals, a strange euphoria filled the room. The first evening brought ORDOS100 to a first climax. The multitude of possibilities continued, the festival of forms progressed and the next days presentations would take place. An impression of the first evening with more updates to come in the coming days…

ORDOS100 phase II architects on the move

Ordos Airport

ORDOS100 | June 24, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço | movingcities.org

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