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PERSPECTIVE PLUS | 2009 Yearbook (click to see full cover)

Perspective Magazine (Hong Kong) recently published the 2009 edition of their annual architecture book, Perspective Plus. The yearbook features a report on the current architectural trends in Asia, a selection of 10 emblematic projects completed or started in the Asia-Pacific region in 2008 and a selection of around 40 projects currently at earlier stage of development and due to be completed between 2009 and 2014. Check out the table of content (pdf) to see what is expected to be build during the coming years. Bert de Muynck | MovingCities contributed to the “emblematic projects” section with an article on ORDOS100. The article is available for download (pdf).

F451 Arquitectura (left) & R&Sie(n) (right) | Perspective Plus

In following up on earlier publications on this subject – “ORDOS100: avant-garde architecture in the desert” (ArtForum.cn) and “Babel for Billionaires” (Mark Magazine #15) – the article for Perspective Plus focuses on the architects involved in the second (April 11-17, 2008) and third (June 24-29, 2008) phase of ORDOS100.

ORDOS100 impressions by MovingCities | Perspective Plus

While the overall story and intentions of the ORDOS100-project are well-known (and repeated in this article) and well-published (see the ArchDaily coverage of ORDOS100-proposals), the article discusses the intentions of some architectural office involved. Based on a series of interviews conducted during the Ordos-meetings, this article highlights the proposals of following eight offices: Alejandro Aravena Architects (Chile), at103 (Mexico), Johnston MarkLee (US), SAMI Arquitectos (Portugal), Atelier Bow-Wow (Japan), DRDH Architects (UK), F451 Arquitectura (Spain | US) and R&Sie(n) (France).

The proposal of the Portuguese office SAMI Arquitectos is a house built up out of a single line, determining fa├žades, floorplans and program distribution: “We designed in a pure architectural way and saw it as an exercise with our imagination, background and ideas onhow to do a house in China. What could be an interesting way to work with this? There is a thin border between architecture, art, and sculpture, as AiWeiwei said in the first meeting.”

For the Japanese office Atelier Bow-Wow there is another aspect to the commission besides, but influencing, the design. Faced with the intensity of human exchange in the gatherings they refer to Ordos 100 as a ‘social sculpture’: “We are interested in this aspect of the project. Participation is the most important, to become the material itself. Competition here is not so important. When we realised this we decided to create something calm and follow the restrictions of the masterplan.”

Atelier Bow-Wow (left) & DRDH Architects (right) | Perspective Plus


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