ORDOS100 | presentation phase II

Wednesday June 25. Day 1 of the second phase presentation of ORDOS100. 36 architects, 36 villa’s, 36 presentations, 36 thousand square meters of creative thinking. A bombardment of ideas on a plot somewhere in Inner-Mongolia. 9 hours of words and images. Interrupted by a lunch break.

In the center of the meeting room one finalized model, featuring the 100 proposals, around which the architects gathered. All architects and models meticulously being scanned by the jurors Ai Weiwei (FAKE design), Wang Shu (chief architect Amateur Architecture Studio) and Cui Kai (chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Group). A snapshot impression.

Ordos100 model masterplan

Ordos100 architects mesmerized by masterplan model

Ordos100 phase II presentation

Ordos100 architects cruising the corridors, monitoring the models

Ordos100 sanding, cutting, positioning

Ordos100 architects, more monitoring, more mesmerized

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço | movingcities.org

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