ORDOS100 | publication & update

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities publishes ‘ORDOS100: avant-garde architecture in the desert‘ on the ArtForum Chinese website. A short impression of the phase II meeting in Ordos 鄂尔多斯 and the site visit with the desert designers.

At the edge of the site, the bus stopped and the architects flew out, all running in different directions, touching the sand, taking pictures of dunes, all the while dreaming about the direction this desert could take. Some planted flags (or did someone put them there before?) explaining this act with the same intensity one had when conquering the moon. In the end this wandering came to seem like an act of desert dérive or sand situationism.

ORDOS100 update

  • MovingCities updated the ORDOS100 page after the phase II meeting in Ordos. It now features an impression of phase I and phase II.
  • NEW is the mediating-the-media page which features an overview of, and comments upon, the international media coverage of ORDOS100.

Because international architects = international media coverage.

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