POROSITY C8studio | Shanghai exhibition

Porosity Studio | Shanghai, September 25, 2009

On Friday September 25, POROSITY C8studio came to a conclusion with an exhibit of the students’ work. Entitled E-SCAPE the two week workshop was a partnership between Professor Richard Goodwin’s Porosity Studio, and the COLLABOR8 -project (C8), in collaboration with Donghua University (Shanghai) and COFA (Sydney). No Utopia!

Porosity Studio | Shanghai, September 25, 2009

The Porosity Studio was established by Professor Richard Goodwin in 1996 and provides a potential component of a student’s major study in final years from a range of disciplines: Fine Art, Design, Media Studies, Architecture, Urban Design and Engineering. In it, a multi-disciplinary practice is explored and students are able to test their individual practices at the scale of architecture and the city. The studio builds on the practice and research of Goodwin who is both artist and architect. The relationship between the city and public space remain key concerns for the studio.

C8 is an eight-week long fully online education initiative hosted by The Omnium Research Group and COFA Online that establishes a basis for collaborative online art and design projects between universities in Australia and China. The project aims to create awareness about the importance of cross cultural design practice by challenging students to work together to design surface graphics for sustainable applications in the development of contemporary ceramics, textiles, products and environments.

With the theme of E-SCAPE the 2009 POROSITY C8studio explored Shanghai as a city to test the notion of a “scape”:

The studio is not looking for Utopian visions for Shanghai. It seeks your engagement within the laboratory of interdisciplinary design and Shanghai as a city. This engagement involves the selection of a site or scale at which to work and for you to write your own brief for an imagined project. This project should seek to find immediate solutions or ways forward for an existing problem or “scape”.

Porosity Studio | Shanghai, September 25, 2009

On the POROSITY studio Vimeo-site an archive of the studio is currently in work, while the POROSITY C8studio-website will soon feature updates as well. Overall the exhibition presented a set of intriguing engagements with contemporary Shanghai; from a mapping of winning Mahjong combinations and strategies, over the girl with the black balloon hair drifting under an elevated subway, to urban chopstick interventions, imaginary collections and a reflection on how to make instant friends in Shanghai.

Porosity Studio | Shanghai, September 25, 2009

As mentioned before, MovingCities gave a lecture on September 18, half-way through the studio. In it we talked about What Can We Learn from China?, ORDOS100, Urban China | Creative China and This Is My City 09.

Pictures by movingcities.org

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