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Shanghai - Hangzhou | March 8, 2011

In-between cities are our favorite cities. In-between cities are the so-called “real city’s” hinterland, a space dotted with high-rises, farmland and glass houses, a territory of palace-like constructions and pylons. It is here that the future of farming is being re-invented, where tradition and technology become one. MovingCities is once again on-the-move, at 350 km/h, from Shanghai 上海 to Hangzhou 杭州.

Shanghai - Hangzhou | March 8, 2011

Charlie Chaplin is constructing Chinese cities. That is the title of the instant essay that was being written while speeding in-between cities. In front of us the legendary comedian struggles, in black and white, with technology, while on our left hand side, the legendary farmlands are altered to fulfill the dreams off future families. With seemingly no immediate cultural connection and spanning almost 90 years, the essay deals with a the analysis of a country where one becomes immediately used to everything. It is easy to state that everything is unstable, but hard to see what fundamentally remains frozen. So is the end of the essay.

What one sees moving from one big city to another, are lorry’s and luxury cars. This country is about logistics, about dealing with the world and the wealthy. MovingCities embraces a new radical architectural movement, dedicated to high mobility of cities and cultures. We believe in the acceleration of bodies and thoughts, we believe in the possibility of jump starting the next urban evolution, we live in a world, in a bullet train that mixes brains, buildings, blood, concrete, fire and comedy.

Shanghai - Hangzhou | March 8, 2011

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