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Waterhouse Boutique Hotel by NHDRO | 2010

The third installment of the 2012/13 “Shanghai State of Affairs” lecture series by Bert de Muynck at the HKU Shanghai Study Center is centered around ‘Updating & Rethinking Shanghai’s Design & Architecture’. Invited speaker this Saturday is Lyndon Neri [Founding Partner NHDRO] who will talk about the experience of practicing, over a decade, from and in Shanghai 上海.
Presentation and debate will take place this Saturday March 9 – from 10.30 am till 12.30 pm – at the HKU Shanghai Study Center.

NHDRO [neri & hu design and research office] is a well-known and acclaimed architecture, interior, branding and product design practice who’s Shanghai’s works throughout the past decade include the Waterhouse Boutique Hotel, New Heights Dining Room & Bar and Design Republic Commune.

About Neri & Hu [NHDRO]

Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office [NHDRO] is a multi-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services. Neri&Hu’s location is purposeful. With shanghai considered a new global frontier, Neri&Hu is in the center of this contemporary chaos. The city’s cultural, urban, and historic contexts function as a point of departure for the architectural explorations involved in every project. Because new sets of contemporary problems relating to buildings now extend beyond traditional architecture, the practice challenges traditional boundaries of architecture to include other complementary disciplines.

Waterhouse Boutique Hotel | Neri & Hu [NHDRO], 2010

Waterhouse Boutique Hotel by NHDRO | 2010

In a recent interview with Marcus Fairs from dezeen – called Architects in China are lost – Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, made following analysis of the state of affairs in China:

Marcus Fairs A lot of the speakers you have for your Manifesto talks here are from the West.

Rosanna Hu From the book project we realised a lot of people were asking what today’s manifesto in design is. And actually that’s not just a Chinese problem; it’s a global problem. Architects feel lost, we’re no longer confined within architecture with the big A, the way I thought we were say fifteen years ago, twenty years ago. It was probably easier to design because everyone shared certain beliefs. We believe in manifestos, we believe that you need to stake your belief. If you know your dream, then you can chase after it.

Lyndon Neri And be rigorous about it.

Rosanna Hu
And also we notice the absence of a collective voice. The absence of a modern Chinese architecture and design language.

Design Republic Commune | Neri & Hu [NHDRO], 2012

About Shanghai State of Affairs lectures

“Shanghai State of Affairs” is a series of ten lectures on the state of the city by Bert de Muynck [Assistant Professor HKU Shanghai Study Center]. The purpose of the “Shanghai State of Affairs” public lectures is to have a more in-depth reading of Shanghai’s contemporary architectural and urban changes and to bring together a wide group of architects, urbanists and stakeholders that day-in-day work in the city of Shanghai 上海. The presentations are informal and function as a test ground to develop new ideas about the city of Shanghai, as well gain further knowledge from its urban and architectural development by focussing on those working on it day in and day out.

About HKU Shanghai Study Centre

The Faculty of Architecture operates programs in Shanghai, at our Shanghai Study Centre, which is a vital counterpart to other programs in Hong Kong. Our goal is that every undergraduate in the Department of Architecture, and eventually the Division of Landscape Architecture, spends one complete semester of their studies in China, without interrupting their degree program at HKU. With the opening of this Centre, the Department of Real Estate and Construction has the advantage of a well-placed and equipped facility to augment its Taught Postgraduate China Program.

The HKU Shanghai Study Center also houses the HKU Shanghai Office, the HKU Journalism and Media Study Center, and architecture SH (a public gallery for the exhibition of design projects related to the mission of the Centre). The joint studios and other activities that the Department of Architecture conducts with other overseas Universities will also utilize the Centre.


HKU Shanghai Study Center, 298 North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200085

For more information, please call 021-6307-7018. Should you feel that there are like-minded colleagues interested in these programs, we will be happy to include them in future invitations.

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