Shanghai Tower | under construction

Shanghai Tower by Gensler | under construction | Pudong April 27 2013

The Shanghai Tower 上海中心大厦 is a supertall skyscraper under construction in the Pudong district of Shanghai 上海. Recently, the Shanghai Tower celebrated its 4th anniversary of construction and today’s its skeleton is dominating the Shanghai skyline. MovingCities pays a close-up look, from its curtain wall over its concrete core to its steel structure.

Designed by Gensler, the 632-meter supertall Shanghai Tower will be the tallest of a group of three supertall buildings in Pudong, the other two being the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Upon its completion in 2014, the building will shave 121 stories, with a total floor area of 380,000 m2(via wikipedia)

Shanghai Tower by Gensler | under construction | instagram by movingcities_org April 27 2013

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In a post dedicated to the celebration of the 4th anniversary of construction, Xiaomei Lee (Principal at the Gensler Shanghai Office) identifies six key milestones for 2013. Amongst others these include that a the current pace of one floor every 3-5 days, July will see the completion of the concrete core structure at the height of 580 meters and after finishing the core structure around the middle of the year, we will immediately start installing the Tower’s crown, a complicated effort with steel structures and many other components like the mass damper, wind turbines, lights, satellites, and façade elements.



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