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With less than 500 hundred days before opening, the 2010 World Expo site in Shanghai doesn’t feel like any other ordinary construction site in China; although a trained and experienced ‘construction tourist’ might sense a familiar pre-Beijing’08 Olympic odor filling the surrounding area. Exploring both expo areas along the banks of the HaungPu River, we ran into fences and walls, strolled over deserted plots of lands, climbed a small wall and faced the Chinese exhibition hall, still under construction.

A similar situation can be found at both sides of the banks, covering around 5km² a large empty plot of land waiting to be filled with temporarily, fast-build, always shining constructions of which few survive the expo spectacle. Today it is too early to build them. In this future pavilion-plankton few long-lasting elements will stick out. Except for at one side the Nanshi Power Plant, at the other the China exhibition hall at the 2010 World Expo, a building three times taller than any of the other Expo pavilions. Accidentally our visit coincided with a weird state of architectural completion of the exhibition hall, as news of the day was that the steel skeleton was just completed. A couple of snapshots.

Under demolition area at Nanpu Daqiao Station | World Expo 2010 Shanghai

 Surroundings of Nanpu bridge and Nanshi Power Plant | 2010 World Expo area

Around Pudong Road and China Exhibition Hall | World Expo 2010 Shanghai

XueYe Road | World Expo 2010 Shanghai

China Pavilion | World Expo 2010 Shanghai

China Exhibition Hall under construction | World Expo 2010 Shanghai

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  1. That is incredible. I read that construction began on the French Pavilion in November of 2008, did you see construction of any other pavilions?

    Amazing what they will accomplish in 365 days.

  2. an excellency of high speed engeneering. you could see growing the area.
    china has the highest speed of the great change in the world.

  3. The Shanghai World Expo will be held in 2010 I am totally convinced they make it. Many thanks for giving us an impression through your snapshots what is possible in China nowadays. Breath taking architecture and high speed construction.

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