Shanghai World Expo | French Pavilion presentation

French Pavilion | Shanghai 2010 World Expo

On February 20, the UCCA hosted the unveiling of the design of the French Pavilion for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, which goes by the theme of “la ville sensuelle”. Designed by French architect Jacques Ferrier the idea of the pavilion is to be sensual and ecological at the same time. According to the press release sensuality is expressed by an architecture appealing to the five senses, while a roof garden, which turns as well into a vertical garden, and a large pound of water under the pavilion represents the ecological aspect. Seeing the model, it is hard to get excited by the way these ambitions have been translated into architecture:

The sensual city speaks about the desirable future for major world cities, a future where urban man is the object of attention in the context of sustainable development of cities. The metropolis is the natural habitat of the 21st century man, a landscape where all senses are exercised. Through the simple idea of a memorable and sensual city, we deal with various viewpoints on the identity by ways of a French fusion: the visit will be seen as a unique and coherent experience and by associations and contrasts constantly create surprise and interest.

French Pavilion | Shanghai 2010 World Expo

The launch, organized by Thinking Hands, followed the standard procedure by first having diverse talks by those involved in the organization of the French pavilion. After this the model of the pavilion was unveiled by means of a balloon. Finally there were drinks and cocktail music by DJ Leo de Boisgisson.

Most likely the French Pavilion will not be remembered for its architecture (that seems clear when looking at the design and plan), but surely for its high-budget, as one can read on the official Shanghai 2010 World Expo-site:

The French government has allocated a record 50 million euros (552 million yuan) budget for the national pavilion. “As far as I know, it is the highest among all participants,” said Xu Bo, director of the International Participation Department of the Bureau of World Expo Coordination.

Presentation of the French Pavilion | Shanghai 2010 World Expo

Architect Jacques Ferrier | French Pavilion

DJ Leo de Boisgisson | 86/33 Link

French Pavilion | Shanghai 2010 World Expo

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Shanghai World Expo | urban snapshots by MovingCities
Detours and Developments in Beijing’s Music Scene | UC#33 by Leo de Boisgisson

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