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Land Reclamation for Shenzhen Airport New Terminal | July 8, 2009

While taking off from Shenzhen, heading towards Beijing, we enjoyed an excellent view over the ongoing expansion of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Already having spotted the massive land reclamation from the seaside, the newly built area will cover a total of 13.23 square kilometers and a future new airport designed by Fuksas Architects.

Land Reclamation for Shenzhen Airport New Terminal | July 2, 2009

The new aiport aims to handle 30 million passengers and 1.5 million tons of cargo per year by 2015. The Airport Technology-website features a decent coverage of the objectives, plans and different phases (up till 2035!) of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport New Terminal. Dezeen at the other hand, featured in April 2008 excellent images and project description of the design for the new terminal by Fuksas Architects.

Loosing focus over Shenzhen | July 2, 2009

Although departing Shenzhen under excellent conditions for aerophotography, we only noticed afterwards that some problems arose. Whether it was the scratched and dirty airplane window that caused the camera to shift focus, or the infinite focus setting on the camera itself that refused to work, we will not know. But we ended up with a lot of unintentional Tilt-shift photography, the type of miniaturized metropolitan images of which SmashingMagazine recently collected 50. URBANPHOTO recently pointed us in the direction of the work of videographer Keith Loutit who is spending a year filming Sydney in tilt-shift time-lapses.

Keith Loutit | Little Sydney

The Keith Loutit Vimeo-channel provides several updates on the Sydney-project. Tilt-shit photography is the kind of stuff one can do in Photoshop or, at your own risk, do it yourself by building it, for Peanuts as this tutorial states.

In our case, slightly focused buildings in a fog of urbanity were just the outcome of a incorrect zoom on infinity. Regardless, a couple of snapshots.

Shenzhen - Beijing | July 8, 2009

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