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Shenzhen | March 16, 2011

One city, two seasons and three skylines. Cities in-between the crisp and cloudy, cities in-between the fog and the flash. Cities for future fishes. Another chapter, case-study Shenzhen 深圳, in yet another unfinished essay on China’s urban development. Skyline-cities are some of our other favorite cities. In winter, and spring.

The first afternoon I walked through Shenzhen, I felt like I was walking under water. This is what Frank Ragano [co-founder of the video art exhibition company Parallel Studios] told us last December in an extra-parallel personal session during the 2010 Shenzhen International Conference and UNESCO Creative Cities Network-conference.

Someone else tried to convince us the city felt like living in the laboratory for the future.

We like the idea of urban scuba-diving, floating in-between forms and humans, of cities where one can dive from one district to another, cities without gravity, cities where the goggles are part of our genes, of cities floating into a weightless world.

Shenzhen | December 9, 2011

Shenzhen | March 16, 2011

Pictures by

Frank Ragano
zitype 黄立光

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