SNOWBALL Helsinki | Pan Jian Feng lecture & opening

SNOWBALL | Finnish and Chinese architecture

The SNOWBALL Helsinki seminar at KIASMA concluded with a short lecture by Chinese artist PAN JianFeng 潘剑锋 followed by the vernissage of his show at Lasipalatsi Square. During the month of February, Pan Jian Feng is invited to be part of the Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme.

In “Bringing blue to China – Pan Jian Feng on art and identity” Pan JianFeng talks about his obsessive daily practice of “writing” people:

One of Jian Feng’s projects is to paint all the interesting people that he meets. “It’s my daily practice – like a visual diary,” he explains. “I document at least 20 people each day. Some are my friends, some are neighbours, some I’ve never met before.” His paintings have a close connection to Chinese calligraphy. Instead of “painting” people, he actually describes his activity as “writing” people.

More about his work and the invitation to come on a residency to Helsinki can be found on his intriguing blog/dairy he is keeping as part of the “Guests from China“-program, or in an article in the Helsinki Times called “Invitation to Helsinki“. Below some snapshots of the lecture and vernissage.

KIASMA lecture Pan Jian Feng | February 12, 2010

 Pan Jian Feng Exhibition opening at Lasipalatsi Square | February 12, 2010

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