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TEDx City2.0 | Shanghai, October 13, 2012

Last Saturday, TEDxTheBund took place in Shanghai 上海. TEDxTheBund is an independently organized TED event. Under the same theme ‘City2.0 – a day of urban inspiration, and for one day only, TEDx communities hosted 70 events around the world.
MovingCities presented ideas, impressions and images. TEDxShanghai

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission: ideas worth spreading. The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at a local level. At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TEDTalks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

The organizers behind TEDxTheBund [see also TEDxShanghai] gathered an interesting line-up of speakers (in order of appearance): Thomas Yao 姚欣宇 [core organizer of Linux users group in Shanghai, Founder of GitCafe.com], Bert de Muynck [co-director MovingCities], Peggy Liu 刘佩琪 [Chairperson and co-founder of JUCCCE], Xixian Xu & Jianrong Xu 徐喜先&徐建荣 [amateur photographers], Pascal Hartmann [Director of the R&D department at logon], Cunwang Cheng 程存旺 [Founder of Changzhou Organic Farm], Yi Yin 殷漪 [Shanghai based composer, founder of BM Space], Yunsheng Su 苏运升 [Assistant Chief Engineer, Shanghai Tongji UrbanPlanning & Design Institute] and Neville Mars [Dynamic City Foundation ~BURB.tv].

TEDxTheBund TEDxCity2.0 | Shanghai, October 13, 2012

TEDxShanghai TEDxTheBund | City2.0

The theme of City2.0 was chosen because of the 2012 The TED Prize. This Prize gives a visionary leader the chance to dream bigger, granting one bold wish for the world. Since its launch in 2005, the TED Prize has been awarded to 17 individuals with bold ideas for change–from rocker activist Bono to ocean explorer Sylvia Earle to, most recently, street artist JR.*
[*read 2011 MovingCities interview with JR].

A part of the City2.0-story boils down to the following four sentences:

I am the City 2.0. 我是城市2.0
Dream me. 梦想我,
Build me. 构筑我,
Make me real. 让我变为现实 !

MovingCities participates in City-Move Interdesign Workshop | Sweden [2009]

Transdisciplinary Research on Creative Industries in Beijing | China [2007]

The Metropolis as a Machine | MovingCities Collage [2012]

MovingCities approached this thesis by questioning what this dream is turning into, what is being built and how to read, engage, document and deal with this reality. To us City2.0 is about moving cities and populations around, about the organization of numbers, about looking at cities, culture, construction but also about design of and artistic engagement with demolition.

To us City2.0 [previously thecity2.org] is about aerophotography as a method of investigation; about understanding the common characteristics that glue the generic city together. To justify this idea of the City2.0 as a series of juxtapositions we provided examples from past and present, from the City-Move Interdesign Workshop [2009], the Transdisciplinary Research on Creative Industries in Beijing [orgnets 2007], the Shanghai Satellite Towns and the ongoing ‘Shanghai State of Affairs[2012] -course at the HKU Shanghai Study Center.

TEDxTheBund TEDxCity2.0 | Shanghai, October 13, 2012

Pictures by movingcities.org

THANKS Sue Feng, Richard Hsu, Lawrence WangTEDxTheBund-team
THANKS Pascal Berger [HKU Shanghai Study Center]

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