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The City Seekers by Bert de Muynck | BEYOND02

In BEYOND no.2, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published ‘The City Seekers’.
BEYOND – Short Stories on the Post-Contemporary – is a bookazine dedicated to new, experimental forms of architectural and urban writing. The contribution is based on references, adaptations and updates to Vance Packard’s ‘The Status Seekers‘ (1959) and inspired by last year HBO’s psycho drama series ‘In Treatment‘.

The theme of this edition of BEYOND is ‘Values and Symptoms’, explained by editor in chief Pedro Gadanho as follows:

The uncertainty of the present moment, accompanied by symptoms as fear, social imbalance and cynicism defines an interesting turning point. We need to question which are the values we want to pursue and represent in the urban landscapes of today. Where do we find the groundings on which to rebuild pragmatic optimism and shared goals for our daily life?

Contributors to BEYOND no.2 include Douglas Coupland, Roemer van Toorn, Sam Jacob, Andrés Jaque, François Roche, Triin Ojari, Markus Miessen, Iassen Markov, Ole W. Fischer, Lieven de Cauter, Emiliano Gandolfi, Rui Zink, Nuno Coelho & Adam Kershaw and Marc Schuilenburg.

Values and Symptons | BEYOND02

A short extract from ‘The City Seekers’:


Lu asks me to explain Blixa Bargeld. Last week, on her request, I filled her iPod with my music and now one sentence from Bargeld is stuck in her head: “Ich bin das ganze chinesische Volk und Yü-Gung kann Berge versetzen, bin sechs Meter gross, bin neun Meter gross, bin zwölf Meter gross.

We listen to ‘Yü-Gung’ together and afterwards she says: “So this person says he is six meters tall, nine meters tall and so on, until the climax – that he is the entire population of China. Is it an arrogant fantasy or just deliberate hyperbole?” She grabs my hand while I walk her to the door. We end up under the shower.

The rest of the piece can be found in BEYOND no.2 hard copy (SUN architecture publishers). Also, check ‘shrapnel contemporary‘ blog, in case you’re interested in contributing to BEYOND no.3, themed ‘Trends and Fads‘.

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