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Two Artist Studio's | by Wang Hui | Limited Design

In Mark Magazine #19 (April-May 2009), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published a small article called “The Importance of Slowness” about two artists’ studios in the suburbs of Beijing designed by Wang Hui | Limited Design. In it, the architect explains why he didn’t go to his office for two months and how century old trees dictated the design of the studios.

Two Artist Studio's | by Wang Hui | Limited Design

Born in 1969, Wang Hui possesses everything needed to make him the helmsman of a new generation of Chinese architects: his work is precise, distinctive and admired. At the same time his career and designs seems to go against the dictatorship of speed that Chinese architects are subjected to. The interview took place in Beijing’s “Today Art Museum” and touched up his experience of working at Atelier FCJZ, setting up MIMA Design and his current architectural activities with Limited Design:

At this moment, attitude is very important. Many architects are doing the same things – crazy, unlimited stuff, including city planning and huge buildings – but I’m trying to distance myself from that sort of work, to look back and analyse certain phenomena, and to think for myself. I’m almost 40, but that’s quite young for an architect. My question is how to use architecture to think about society, about human life, about people’s lifestyles. But I think my thinking is very limited, so my work is limited.

Pictures by Limited Design

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